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80% of MainStage parents are educators. We value arts education, and we appreciate that our parents like that we teach a full arts curriculum. Yes, we teach technical skills, but alongside history and social context as well. We also value interpersonal skills, creativity, problem solving, and leadership skills. 

"My child would live at MainStage if possible."

"I recently saw by first New York Broadway show.  Until then, I did't realize how good MainStage productions were and how talented the kids are."

"If a child has talent, Ms. Megan will find it and give it room to grow."

"My child comes home excited about what he has learned and can't wait to go back."

"I love how MainStage teaches kids to think outside of the box and encourages them to think bigger and connect the dots."

"My child, and all of the children are celebrated at MainStage."

"There is a true family atmosphere here, the older kids mentor and take care of the younger ones."

"Before each performance, Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler gather the cast in a circle backstage.  I've heard such beautiful and motivational speeches from them.  The kids take to the stage believing they can conquer the world...and then they do!"

"It is just an amazing place."

Pencil and notepad

From Parents

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The minute I walked in, I knew it was home.

IMG_2000 2 (1).jpg

These are my people. This is my family.

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No matter what kind of day I've had, walking into MainStage for class or rehearsal makes everything better.


I would rather be at a MainStage rehearsal than anywhere in the world.

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I learn so much about dance, theatre, the arts, other people and...myself.



I used to be shy, but now I have so much confidence.


MainStage is FUN.


Ms. Megan and Ms. Wheeler believe in me, so I believe in myself.

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I feel loved at MainStage...and safe to be myself.

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I wouldn't be who I am today without MainStage.

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